marjorie (peppaminy) wrote,

fanmix; today was crazy but...

1. Trouble in Paradise by The Like
I see trouble in paradise, but that's just my eyes
You did your time, lit it go, Ruby don't cry
I see trouble in paradise tell me that it's just my eyes
You've lost your glow,
Let it go, Ruby don't cry
Let me know, Ruby don't lie
Let it go, Ruby don't die!


 2. Ice by Lights

I'm looking at you looking at me, what can I do but say sorry
It's a little late but you know I just want you to be happy.
What I got to say to make you let me get away with it this time.
I know you're upset and that you're happy just to sit and hate me,
But I'll make a bet that you'll be better to forget about me,
Even better yet I'll let a little light melt the ice, ice baby!

My mouth is frozen so I can't even speak
I'm not the type to say sorry constantly

What I mean is all I need is
Just a little emotion
Cause all I see is you not feeling
And you're giving me nothing


3. Moon and Moon by Bat For Lashes

 Lover when you don't lay with me
I'm a huntress for a husband lost at sea
If I had you here, we were here together
I'd be boy and you'd be girl, beautiful


4. Open by Demi Lovato

The only noises in my head
Are consumed of your voice
From all the pain and hatred
How long can you kick somebody down
Before a foot breaks?

And why can't I get through the night
Without another fight
I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again cause
I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut when it's really open.


5. Everytime You Go by Ellie Goulding

Tape me up
Then break me up
Ever so gently
When I'm my weakest
Then it's not so hard
Every time you go


6. City is Ours by Big Time Rush

The night is young, the lines are out the doors.
Today was crazy but tonight the city is ours.
Live it up, until the morning comes.
Today was crazy but tonight the city is ours.


7. Lovelier than You by B.o.B. [Beck]
I'm dangerously, dangerously, dangerously in love
I love her more than I love myself and still that ain't enough
If this is a dream, I don't wanna wake up
We go together like the tub and the showerhead above
Not even thousands and thousands of miles
Could amount to my love, I'd have countless sky miles
I'd climb up a mountain, climb right back down
I'd run across the world then jog back around
A noun and a verb
Is just a sound and a word
Is not profound enough to show my urge
For her smile I'd shout on a curb
With a loudspeaker
Til the entire town heard
How I felt, and I'm out

Nothing's lovelier than you


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